An unfair advantage

In partnership with our parent company ANSR Consulting, Kyron’s KONNECT program puts startups in front of Fortune 500 customers through corporate accelerator programs, startup-engagement programs and CXO-pitch sessions.

Product-customer fit

We identify and isolate high level business & transformation needs of our marquee Fortune 500 companies into tangible use-cases that are most relevant for your products & solutions.

Get seen, be heard

Interact, engage and collaborate with our global network of Fortune 100 CXO’s and decision makers, investors and domain experts

Growth through distribution partnerships

We help structure the startup-corporate conversation through to meaningful outcomes

Your launchpad for global success

Kyron helps entrepreneurs grow their startups through strategic partnerships with global industry leaders, access to capital and deep domain expertise.

Our Focus Area

Success stories

Why Kyron?

Kyron is the largest destination for enterprise startups with solutions to problems facing the Fortune 500 community.

Kyron designs, manages and operates startup engagement programs for some of the largest global corporations. Such engagement programs are designed to provide startups with the unfair advantage of working closely with leading global corporations and validate their solutions in a real world situation.

The right fit - based on a successful track record and a robust line of mature products, Kyron is in a position to offer highly flexible, tailored engagements for both the corporations and startups; an engagement model based on requirements, maturity and stage of the company.

Partner with leading enterprises

Benefit from unparalled Domain expertise

Investor connects

Apply To Kyron?

Kyron is looking for entrepreneur heroes who think big and can move fast. We’ll help you scale your product to new heights, and work with the best in the industry.